Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Abu Sayyaf into illegal drugs for funds

MANILA, Philippines -- The Abu Sayyaf have resorted to “narco-terrorism” and small-time kidnapping in an attempt to raise funds for their operations, a military spokesman said Wednesday. This was evident when a joint operation of the Philippine Marines and the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) raided a marijuana plantation believed to be either owned or protected by the al Qaeda- linked rebel group in Maimbung, Sulu last November 8, said Lieutenant Colonel Edgard Arevalo of the Philippine Navy. The marines and the PDEA recovered some P2 million worth of marijuana plants from the 1.5 hectare land located at a known Abu Sayyaf lair, Arevalo told a weekly forum at the Ciudad Fernandina in Greenhills.
He said the Abu Sayyaf has also resorted to kidnapping even regular civilians, students, and aid workers. “The Abu Sayyaf kidnap them even if they’re small time. The rebels are beginning to find it difficult,” said Arevalo in Filipino.

It seems like the Abu Sayyaf are having a financial crisis. They have already done a lot of crimes in the past. I remember the time when they kidnapped a lot of foreigners at the same time and they even got paid for ransom. I don't understand why our government is tolerating this. Our country is having a bad reputation because of this and it can affect our tourism. The government should order the army to attack the members of the Abu Sayyaf so that this problem can finally be put to rest. If our army is not skilled enough to arrest or take out the Abu Sayyaf, then our country should ask for help from the United States so that they can send reinforcements to make sure that those terrorists will be captured.

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lychee said...

I certainly agree with that. philippines shoul do that and i think they can, they can bombard those terrorist and stop them completely. governemtn has been trying to compromise with their wants,they cant keep doing what the're doing. former president Erap tried to talk t them several times but they wouldn't compromise. GMA's recent issue about almost signing the contract wherein Mindanao will be seperated from the phil, is something very fishy..