Tuesday, November 18, 2008


three boys were arrested for stealing motorcyle in Caloocan City, friday No.v 14. two of the boys were onl 15 years old and the other was even younger, 13. when the police pulled them over because they were riding without a helmet and asked for the owners' papers and liscense they failed to do so. During the investigation, the police found out that the gray motorcycle was stolen while it was parked in the front of the house of the owner, the boys alegedly admitted.

source :philippine STAR magazine nov. 16, issue page 15

i think this incident is very tragic and yet its also very good news. tradgic because those boys are very young and yet they doing crime JUST for fun. this only shows the effect of lack of public schools in our country. this is good news because i never thought in my entire life that police can recover stolen motorcycle. like usually, in our country if your car got stolen consider it gone. dont bother reporting it to the police, ow well, maybe it was just luck.


Dogmatic said...

I agree with your opinion regarding this issue. It may seem like nothing to us but if we try to understand deeper, there certainly is an issue here. The fact that these teens stole a motorcycle for the reason of "Joy Riding" is absurd and alarming. It just goes to show what people in the Philippines are going through; the results of the lack of education and guidance to children. These children should be in schools or in their homes where they are safe, but instead they are out there contributing to the already high crime rates in the Philippines because of their failure from understanding what is right from wrong which originates from the house and from their schools. It saddens me to think about the effects of the lack of guidance and attention towards children. It’s a cliché I know, that the children are our future but one cannot deny that in fact this is true, and if this is what is happening to our teens and I am assuming majority of the teens in the Philippines considering the statistics and the obvious presence of poverty that we are all aware of, we are headed towards a direction that doesn’t seem to be headed towards the right path.

lychee said...

wow very well said. that's definitely what i was trying to say. that's why when i become a tycoon the first think i'll do is donate free public schools, yan talaga.